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Minx Sessions 12th August 2023

  1. Surkid- Ascend
  2. Surkid- Memorable Capacity
  3. Markus Masuhr- Enigmatic Depths
  4. Surkid- This Fragile
  5. Nabihah Iqbal- Dreamer
  6. Surkid- Overburden
  7. Róisín Murphy- What Not To Do (Moodymann Remix)
  8. Chogori- Ray
  9. Surkid- Apparatus Yet
  10. Markus Masuhr- Ethereal Echoes
  11. Chogori- Bauhaus
  12. Nabihah Iqbal- Sunflower
  13. Mattia Prete-Electrorganic
  14. Chogori- Rion
  15. Nabihah Iqbal- Gentle Heart
  16. Thomas Fehlmann- Schwieriges Thema
  17. Markus Masuhr- Tranquil Resonance
  18. Thomas Fehlmann- Bundy Blessing
  19. Nabihah Iqbal- In Light
  20. Chogori- One
  21. Minor Science- Dread the Evening
  22. Mary Lattimore- Chop on the Climbout

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