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Minx Sessions 13th May 2023

  1. The Paradox- Super Solid
  2. Hania Rani- Hello
  3. Fletcher- ‘Mechanical Garden’
  4. Linkwood- Love Lost (Musephased by Area)
  5. A Reminiscent Drive- Love From SAN Francisco Remix
  6. Fred Everything, Atjazz- Space Time (Atjazz Galaxy Aart Remix)
  7. Euphonic-  Space In My Soul Ft. Neech
  8. Ç- Desire
  9. Antares Mates- Movimento 2 (Chevel Remix)
  10. Marshall Jefferson, Noosa Heads- Mushrooms (Salt City Orchestra Remix)
  11. Klartraum- Epic Drops (Original Mix)
  12. Deadbeat & Camara- Mining For Gold (Acid Dub)
  13. Deepcut- Ukiyo
  14. Frank & Tony- I Fall (feat. Gry)
  15. Autechre- Bike
  16. Skyence- War Paint (feat. Throwing Snow)
  17. James K- Ultra Facial!
  18. hhnoi- Morning Breath (snack 3)
  19. Sijya- Tell Me (Pale Blue Dotter Remix)

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