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Minx Sessions 25th February 2023

  1. Sam Goku- Mangrove Railways
  2. Defset- Chish And Fips
  3. Toumba- Istibtan
  4. Anthony Naples, DJ Python- Entoure (Single)
  5. Nuri-  Blow (Hidden Dancer Remix)
  6. Cafe de la Jungle- Blind Forest
  7. Boston Chery- 24 Hours ft. Bemata
  8. µ-Ziq- 4am
  9. Doline- Great Expectations
  10. Otodojo- Frog Swimming in the Rain
  11. Normal Stage-  FV1
  12. Defset- Cycles
  13. Otodojo- Spirals in the Sand
  14. Puritanist – Soulameya
  15. The Allegorist- Trees Of Peace
  16. Defset- Signals
  17. Doline- Dompte-Regard
  18. Nuri – Blow
  19. Cafe de la Jungle- Spirit Tree
  20. Sijya- No Words
  21. Glass- Quantic blunt (ZULI Zoned Out remix)
  22. Bit Cloudy- For The Live Cables
  23. Jackpot- Supernova
  24. Francesca Guccione- Parallel Echoes
  25. The Chromatics- Tick of the Clock

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