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Minx Sessions 20th January 2023

  1. Thor, Matt Thibideau- Transparent Thoughts (Original Mix)
  2. Gary Holldman – Kantrasta (Original Mix)
  3. Thomas Fehlmann- Little Big Horn (Liegend)
  4. Ayqix- Pallki
  5. BOTN- Liar
  6. Shed- Time
  7. Niklas Worgt- Their Game ft. Padberg
  8. Post Apocalyptic- Occult Consequence
  9. Jackpot- Supernova
  10. Max Cavalerra- Stellaris
  11. Aphex Twin- Untitled (Fourtet Remix) 
  12. NTEIBINT feat. Matina Sous Peau- Back To The Roots Of Love
  13. Lo-Fi- Nightsong
  14. Skyence- Tjikko
  15. Luke Slater’s 7th Plain- Grace
  16. Mistareez- Air XS
  17. Jackpot- Cosmos
  18. Barbie Bertisch-  Water Moves Slowly
  19. Debashis sinha – Niila
  20. Hoavi- Transition State

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