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Minx Sessions 13th January 2023

  1. OhmikRon- Seagull Romance
  2. Anton Kubikov- Around About
  3. Man-L & Nat- Wordless
  4. Conforce- Pretty Far From Here
  5. Altitude- Generating Station
  6. Aura Minimum-Spring Depth
  7. Jay Bliss- Dune De Nisp
  8. MIDI Janitor- Gospel Dynamics
  9. OhmikRon- Forget Zone
  10. Mark Thibideau- Midnight Treatment
  11. Aura Minimum- Frost Patrol
  12. Skyence- Ones
  13. Anthony Georges Patrice- The Reign of Shang Ti
  14. Detroit Escalator Co.- Scram
  15. Skyence- Two Windows
  16. Jakob Thiesen- Plateau
  17. Juan Atkins & Moritz von Oswald- Electric Garden (Deep Jazz in the Garden Mix)
  18. Man-L- Deal Breaker

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