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Minx Sessions December 12th 2020

  1. Boards of Canada- Gemini
  2. JVZ-longing [mein herz]
  3. Morgen Wurde & Tis- Weist (feat. Georges Emmanuel Schneider)
  4. JVZ- whats over here (EP version)
  5. Deadbeat- Bashar and Hebatallah Instrumental
  6. Swayzak vs. Theorem- Devil Of Rotations
  7. Unperson- Staring At The Light Cable [96 Back Remix]
  8. Man-L- Chocomuffin (with Twin Peetz)
  9. Man-L- Lernen Um Nicht Zu Wissen
  10. Fletcher- ‘Bohts’
  11. Deadbeat- Laetitia Instrumental
  12. Litmus- E
  13. Andy Stott- Science And Industry
  14. JVZ-Dunes (EP version)
  15. Man-L- Handyrunner
  16. Man-L- Addendum
  17. Morgen Wurde & Tis- Birgt (feat. Maria Estrella)
  18. Fletcher- ‘Mechanical Garden’
  19. Boards of Canada- Come To Dust
  20. Sedative- Float
  21. Lauren Doss- Apples
  22. Detroit Escalator Co.-Gathering Light

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