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Minx Sessions 6th January 2024

  1. Deadbeat- Where Has My Love Gone
  2. Vernon Felicity- Days of Leisure
  3. Dubble D da Moodymanc v. G. Porter- Good Feeling Booty (re-version)
  4. Mr. Fingers- Qwazars
  5. K’ Alexi Shelby-  The US we remember 
  6. Mr. Fingers- Aether
  7. LotechHijack – Pigeon View 
  8. Lemna- N18
  9. Gacha Bakradze- Opi 
  10. Mr. Fingers- Stars
  11. Mr. Fingers- Outer Acid
  12. Deadbeat- Loneliness And Revelry
  13. Melquíades- Avlemonas
  14. HOLOVR- Temporal Globe
  15. Tabiitaabii- TTVRS-1002
  16. TabiiTaabii- TTS-1001
  17. Henry Greenleaf- Ithaca Vox
  18. Pris- Curtain Call
  19. Gacha Bakradze- ff31warning
  20. Ava Rasti- Route
  21. Vernon Felicity- I Can’t Stay

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