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Minx Sessions 29th April 2023

  1. Paul St. Hilaire- D1 In Door
  2. DEEP LEARNING- Message Your Loved Ones (Throwing Snow Remix)
  3. Guzz (Arg)- Simple
  4. Paul St. Hilaire- B1 Bright One
  5. DEEP LEARNING- Boy (Hoavi Remix)
  6. Freund Der Familie-5 δ
  7. woob- Origins – Prelude
  8. DEEP LEARNING- Open Space (Lauren Doss Pagan Remix)
  9. The Allegorist- Through The Forest
  10. Tun – Balon (Mattia Prete Remix) 
  11. Jono Ma & Dreems- A Love Trance Mission From Nk To 7s
  12. DEEP LEARNING- Standard Measures (JQ Remix)
  13. µ-Ziq- Burnt Orange
  14. Freund Der Familie- 2 α
  15. Aki Himanen, Aleksi Kinnunen- Plastic Rain
  16. Spacetime Continuum & Its Own Infinite Flower- Aparition
  17. Mirus- Hologram
  18. Bodek Janke & Studnitzky- Rebirth
  19. HHNOI & Max Grey- Ritual
  20. Emmanuel De La Paix- Green Machine
  21. Kimina – Aliamka

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