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Minx Sessions 24th September 2022

  1. Toh Imago- Insomnie
  2. Jinku- Barda (Feat. Samson Maiko)
  3. Ron Trent- Cool Water feat. Ivan Conti (Azymuth) and Lars Bartkuhn
  4. RVMP- Bamburi
  5. Richard Pike – Falling out of Buildings
  6. Lyder – Sea Of Thought (Crossing Avenue remix)
  7. Delavelour – Ex-tensor
  8. Aphex Twin- XMAS_EVET10 [120][thanaton3 mix]
  9. Synkro- Gagaku (Frederic Robinson Remix)
  10. Jinku- Jimmi’s Cloud (Feat. Nu Fvnk and Hiribae)
  11. Evitceles – Нелюбов
  12. Paperclip Minimiser- A3
  13. zzzzra- ludisme
  14. Upper Regions- Precipitous Fields
  15. Nicola Cruz-  Individuality Riddim 
  16. Deadbeat, Paul St. Hilaire- War Games
  17. Paperclip Minimiser- B2
  18. Toh Imago- La Napoule
  19. Klartraum- Weltenwandler
  20. nueen- Maxima
  21. Photek- T’Raenon (Original Mix)
  22. Longers & Forces Of Nature- Nature’s Way

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