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Minx Sessions August 15th, 2020

August 15th 

  1. Anthony Rother-Databank / Nuklearer Winter
  2. A Guy Called Gerald- Conclusion In F Min Blue
  3. Fever Ray- If I Had a Heart
  4. Vivian Koch- Pu
  5. Detroit Escalator Co.-Gathering Light
  6. 7 Hurtz- Cleve´s Cloud
  7. Unai-Blissful Burden
  8. Karolinski- it hurts
  9. Albrecht La’Brooy-Escape Velocity
  10. Altitude- Plunge
  11. Deadbeat- I’d Rather Be Lonely
  12. Deadbeat- For All That Was Lost
  13. Detroit Escalator Co.- Ghana
  14. Fever Ray- Keep the Streets Empty For Me
  15. Detroit Escalator Co.-The Inverted Man (Dreaming)
  16. A Reminiscent Drive- Galliano Remix
  17. DIN- Evolve (Generation)
  18. DIN- Evolve (Conclusion)
  19. 7 Hurtz- Sidewalk
  20. Anthony Rother-Nacht Der Götter
  21. Detroit Escalator Co.- Prana

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  1. Jacqui August 22, 2020

    You rock Binny ! Love Jax

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