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Minx Sessions July 25, 2020

July 25th

  1. Lone-B1. How Can You Tell
  2. Doctor Jeep-Abyss
  3. Forest Drive West- Void Control
  4. Fabrizio Fattore- Ojibwa (Lost Tribes Dub)
  5. Roi- Dexo
  6. Doctor Jeep- Tensão
  7. Forest Drive West- Terminus
  8. Fabrizio Fattore- Ojibwa (Original Mix)
  9. Lone- Abraxas
  10. Doctor Jeep- Acolyte
  11. Roi- Techo
  12. A Forest Mighty Black- Fresh In My Mind (I Cube Remix)
  13. Afrodeutsche-  Make The Call
  14. Fabrizio Fattore- 
  15. The Detroit Experiment- Highest
  16. Herbert- I Hadn’t Known (I Only Heard)
  17. Surkid- Thicket
  18. Fabrizio Fattore- Namid (Original Mix)
  19. S II P- 032 (Original Mix)
  20. Roi- Werena
  21. Brother Blue- Seven Sisters

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