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Minx Sessions April 18, 2020

April 18

  1. Hidden Spheres- Bill Loves You
  2. Prequel-Give Me Things That Don’t Get Lost
  3. Hedge Maze- (slow)
  4. Route 8- Ash Dub
  5. Daze- Drag Ball
  6. Mood J- Don’t Cha
  7. Hidden Spheres- Be A Man
  8. Hedge Maze- Dysania
  9. Slacker- Last Train to Sector 4c.31
  10. Deadbeat & Camara- Mining For Gold (Acid Dub)
  11. Daze- Untitled
  12. Deadbeat & Camara- Working On A Building (Acid Dub)
  13. Marshall Jefferson, Noosa Heads- Mushrooms (Salt City Orchestra Remix)
  14. Prequel- People Say
  15. Hedge Maze- Untitled
  16. Black Light Smoke- A1. In Gold
  17. Black Light Smoke-B3. Without You
  18. Route 8-It Doesn’t Matter Anymore
  19. Derrick May- Winter On The Blvd
  20. Nils Frahm- A Shimmer

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