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Minx Sessions 24th February 2024

  1. Symbol G- Dive
  2. Data Plan- Hydrance
  3. Vernon Felicity- Days of Leisure
  4. Data Plan- Insecure
  5. Marco Bernardi- The Burning Love Ensemble
  6. Versalife- Luminous Idle State
  7. LotechHijack – Pigeon View 
  8. Symbol G- Lost Something
  9. The Mole- Theres Hope
  10. Wata Igarashi- Searching
  11. Wata Igarashi- Floating Against Time
  12. Biosphere- Night Shift
  13. Symbol G- Ellipsoid
  14. Versalife- Ghosting
  15. Symbol G- Second Life
  16. Data Plan- Insist
  17. Danny B- Nightrider
  18. Symbol G- Tiredness of Waiting (Version2)
  19. Patrick Zigon- Paseo De Los Melancolicos (Javier Orduna Rework)

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