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Minx Sessions 14th October 2023

  1. Manuel Rodríguez- Little Love
  2. Marie Wilhelmine Anders- Embers
  3. Warren Walker & Antonin Violet- Frank
  4. Dante- Levitation
  5. Nadia Struiwigh- JSF48
  6. Nikita von Tirasol- TARS108f
  7. Nadia Struiwigh- 02nd
  8. Kalinada- Lokomotywa
  9. Azu Tiwaline-  Amen Dub
  10. Dangerwank- Milk Drunk
  11. Warren Walker & Antonin Violet- Dave
  12. Azu Tiwaline- Long Hypnosis
  13. Nadia Struiwigh- hLOw
  14. Throwing Snow- Myriad
  15. Dangerwank- Good Grief
  16. Azu Tiwaline- Blowing Flow
  17. Dangerwank- Stressful Men
  18. Azu Tiwaline- Canopée Imaginaire
  19. Tomorrow Comes The Harvest- Rising Water
  20. Alex Klein- Temple of Resonance (Throwing Snow Remix)

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