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Minx Sessions 29th September 2023

  1. HHNOI0- Me, the People
  2. Anthony Rother- Nacht Der Götter
  3. HHNOI- Antidots
  4. Anthony Rother- Genstruktur
  5. HHNOI- Soft Walls
  6. Access Device-  Nueve Variables
  7. HHNOI- A Scrambled Anthem
  8. Philipp Johann Thimm- Goodbye To The Jungle
  9. Chogori- Bauhaus
  10. Philipp Johann Thimm- Land Of Plenty (feat. Apparat)
  11. HHNOI- Rough Bites
  12. Atom™- Riding the Void (Scuba’s Pulse Mix)
  13. Claro Intelecto- Instinct
  14. Conforce- First Impression
  15. Amaral Borges- Olmeca Land
  16. Chogori- Ray (DuoMix)
  17. HHNOI- Ripples
  18. The Allegorist- Redwinged Phoenix
  19. Lazarus- Elegy
  20. Mary Lattimore- Til A Mermaid Drags You Under
  21. Nabihah Iqbal- In Light
  22. HHNOI- The Harder You
  23. Recoil- Allelujah (Ambient Version)

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