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Minx Sessions 8th July 2023

  1. Fàbel- Clarsach Beul
  2. Square Fauna- Natives
  3. Territroy- Upside Down Sinner
  4. Blixaboy- Air Maidens
  5. hhnoi- Iteracion (Zen12)
  6. Perseus Traxx- My New Muse
  7. Mike Huckaby- The Deep House World
  8. Mike Huckaby- Melodies from the Jazz Republic
  9. Linkwood- Ignorance Is Bliss (Healing Force Project Remix)
  10. Fàbel- Broken Experiment
  11. Typeof – Extract 1.
  12. Audiokern- Fog
  13. Man-L- Looking For A Lovecat
  14. Deadbeat- Night Train To Paris
  15. Dreamcast & ZDBT- Time For You (DJ Sports Dub mix)
  16. Rodman- Marejada (Ranma Entero Remix)
  17. Fàbel- Eme
  18. Fàbel- Elastica
  19. Luomo- Tessio

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