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Minx Sessions 9th July 2022

  1. Gabriels- Love and Hate in a Different Time
  2. Tristan Arp- Alternate Looking Glass
  3. CLARO INTELECTO- Messages
  4. Trinidad – Tempus Fugit (Cooper Saver Remix)
  5. Conforce- Haedron
  6. Tim Reaper & Comfort Zone – All The Time
  7. Tristan Arp- Curved Space
  8. Forest Drive West- Creation Dub
  9. Gabriels- The Blind
  10. Area Forty_One- Nocturnal Passions III
  11. SAULT- Fear
  12. Thom Yorke -Not The News (Extendo Mix)
  13. Tristan Arp- Air Portrait
  14. downstairs J- Solid Air City
  15. Gunnar Haslam- Cacique de Poyais
  16. Alma Negra, Soulphiction- Endless Summer (Soulphiction Remix)
  17. Gabriels- In Loving Memory
  18. dBridge – Austin ARB-6
  19. Gacha Bakradze-  Elevate
  20. Eli Keszler- The Accident

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