The Minx Sessions

Hosted by Binny the Minx

Minx Sessions December 11th & 18th 2021

  1. Surkid- Microbes
  2. Rob pearson- Get out the hotel
  3. Cloned- Prototype II
  4. Grayscayle- fitting in
  5. Iron Curtis- 010103
  6. Hardrock Striker- Motorik Life (DJ Sprinkles’ Mountain Of Despair)
  7. 40 Thieves- Don’t Turn It Off feat. Qzen – Brennan Green Mix
  8. Repair- Call It Coincidence
  9. Isolée- Beau Mot Plage
  10. Iñigo Vontier- Far Away Galaxy
  11. Toh Imago- Nord Noir
  12. Aki Himanen, Aleksi Kinnunen- Dawn Drops
  13. Morgen wurde & Maria estrella – Weiht
  14. HHNOI- Dear Future
  15. Richard Pike – A Memory Of a Memory 
  16. GrandessoCera feat. Luigi Ranghino – La Ballata dell’Abisso
  17. Darkside- Golden Arrow
  18. Fever Ray- Keep the Streets Empty For Me

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