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Minx Sessions February 20th 2021

  1. Marie Wilhelmine Anders – Fire
  2. Aki Himanen, Aleksi Kinnunen- Dawn Drops
  3. Byron The Aquarius- New Beginning (Original Mix)
  4. Nicola Cruz- Individuality Riddim 
  5. Bada-Bada- Venus
  6. D&S_-_Submission
  7. Muslimguaze- Mix 01 (Spacetime Continuum)
  8. Roi- Techo
  9. Bada-Bada- Shiva
  10. Submotion Orchestra- Back Chat
  11. Studio Rauschenberg- Snow
  12. Marie Wilhelmine Anders – And The Stars Are Bright In The West
  13. Aki Himanen, Aleksi Kinnunen- Plastic Rain
  14. Tomi Chair- Heat Exhaustion (Francis Harris Reform)
  15. Mar io- A Part Of Past And Future
  16. Rachel Palmer- Accretion
  17. Nina Simone- Who Knows Where The Time Goes
  18. Bvdub- Instead I Left You

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  1. mar io February 27, 2021

    thx for playing “a part of past and future” :)

    • Binny Colvin March 3, 2021 — Post author

      You are welcome. Its a solid release :)

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