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Minx Sessions September 5th 2020

  1. Thomas Fehlmann -Schwerelos
  2. Fundamental Harmonics- Canopy
  3. Ekkohaus & Santos Resiak- Thanx But No
  4. Phil Kieran- Find Love (Andrew Weatherall Remix)
  5. Julian Rhodes-Ninth
  6. Throwing Snow-Myriad
  7. Fundamental Harmonics-Rhizome
  8. Ekkohaus & Santos Resiak- All Is Gone
  9. Amarcord-Trees
  10. John R!se-Ludopatia
  11. Ekkohaus & Santos Resiak- Lost Boys
  12. Daniel 58-Space Bubble
  13. Klartraum-Epic Drops (Original Mix)
  14. DJ Deep & Traumer present Slang-Streets At Night (Traumer “D” Remix)
  15. Thomas Fehlmann- Little Big Horn (Liegend)
  16. Thomas Fehlmann- Wasser im Fluss
  17. Warren Raww Ft Friends- Chilly Groove 

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1 Comment

  1. JB September 6, 2020

    Love your style BInny
    Always have always will.
    Especialy love the one with a sickfat Bass and sunshine lyrics.

    A million.

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